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Given Anime’s Special Bonus Episode Previewed

given anime

When the seventh volume of Natsuki Kizu’s given manga launches in Japan, fans will be treated to a bonus in form of a special anime episode. The story—titled given: Uragawa no Sonzai—depicts a tale of Mafuyu and Ritsuka that wasn’t showcased in GIVEN The Movie, and it’s due out along with the volume on December 1.

Pre-orders for the manga/anime bundle open in Japan on August 29, and you can preview the episode along with some of the new music featured in the promo below.

Crunchyroll streamed both the given anime and the movie, and describes the series like so:

Somehow, the guitar that he used to love to play and the basketball games that he found so fun just lost their appeal… That was until Ritsuka Uenoyama randomly met Mafuyu Sato. Ritsuka had started losing his passion for music in his everyday life, but then he hears Mafuyu sing for the first time. The song resonates with his heart and the distance between them starts to change.

Via Comic Natalie