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Former Sega Director, Dreamcast CM Star Hidekazu Yukawa Dies

Former Sega Director, Dreamcast CM Star Hidekazu Yukawa DiesSad news out of Sega land: former Sega managing director Hidekazu Yukawa died at the age of 78 of aspiration pneumonia in 2021. His death was just announced to the public.

Yukawa, who became managing director of Sega in 1998, was best known for playing himself in a series of commercials for the Sega Dreamcast, which was released in Japan the same year.

In the self-effacing commercials, Yukawa is taunted by children who talk about how lame Sega is compared to the Sony PlayStation. He’s later forced to sell Dreamcasts door to door, record a single (which was actually released!) and other embarrassing efforts.

He is, incidentally, hilarious.

Yukawa would go on to play himself in the famous Dreamcast game Shenmue and manage several divisions within Sega. His visage even appeared on Dreamcast boxes in Japan.

For fans of the Dreamcast era of Sega history, Yukawa remains a familiar and endearing face. RIP.

Source: ANN

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