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Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Says We’ll Get Closer to Yuffie in New Chapter

The blog on the official PlayStation site posted an interview with Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura on the Yuffie Kisaragi chapter in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

Asked about his headspace when he designed Yuffie for the original 1997 game, he replied, “At the time of the original and even now, my perspective of her has not changed very significantly. Yuffie is an energetic and straightforward character. That being said, as this episode is centered around her, I believe we were also able to depict her sensitive side.”

He was also asked why the shuriken was chosen to be her weapon. “The reason for that is because out of all the weapons that the ninja job could wield in the Final Fantasy titles that released before Final Fantasy VII, the shuriken was especially powerful.”

Talking about her character, he commented, “When considering Yuffie in a large group, you can’t help but notice how energetic she is, but I think she is also a character whose inner workings become more visible the closer you get. In this episode, you will mainly be following Yuffie and a new character, her partner Sonon. So, I believe that you will be able to get closer to Yuffie than usual.”

Source: PlayStation Blog


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