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Final Fantasy Roller Coaster Rolls into Universal Studios Japan in 2018

Final Fantasy XR Ride

Final Fanta-wheeeee!

The other day, we reported Universal Studios Japan would be hosting a Final Fantasy-themed ride next year, but it hadn’t yet been announced what shape it would take.

Today we’ve learned that the attraction, called Final Fantasy XR Ride, will be a roller coaster.

The ride, which will run from January 19 to June 24 of next year, will apparently be a physical roller coaster that incorporates virtual reality headsets. You’ll be moving in reality, but seeing the world of Final Fantasy in VR, which sounds both awesome and slightly horrifying.

The logo for the ride was created by none other than Yoshitaka Amano, longtime designer for the series, who was quoted as saying he looks forward to riding through the world of the series.

Final Fantasy fans: start saving your gil for a trip to Osaka.

Final Fantasy XR Ride

Source: ANN

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