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Have a Brief Look at Yoshitaka Amano Feature, Deva Zan

Yoshitaka Amano’s art—most recognizable across a great majority of Final Fantasy games, as well as Vampire Hunter D—has been tough to translate to any medium outside of his own. It’s not exactly easy to bottle that ethereal quality in the confines of movies or games, but Amano’s debut feature appears to come about as close as possible.

Set for a simultaneous worldwide release in 2012, Deva Zan follows Zan, a samurai with no memories, as he gathers a group of time- and space-traversing warriors to do battle with the legions of darkness.

Like most films in this future world of ours, Deva Zan will be 3D. Check out the sketchy Amano-style computer animation to come in the preview below.

Source [Nippon Cinema]