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Final Fantasy Director Talks About What He’d Like to Avoid in the Future

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Outside of the early entries and a few titles here and there, the Final Fantasy series has always offered a healthy mix of modern trappings and fantasy settings. If producer/director Naoki Yoshida—who most recently put in the work necessary to overhaul Final Fantasy XIV and make the A Realm Reborn version of the MMO the success it’s known as today—has his way, though, there might be less of one and more of the other in future entries.

Yoshida attended the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Paris last weekend, and was asked a fairly straightforward question: “As a director, in the online future of Final Fantasy, what sort of elements do you think you should deliver to players in Final Fantasy XVI or XVII?”

While these titles have yet to be announced, directly numbered followups are inevitable. Yoshida’s reply didn’t focus on what he wants to put into the next entries, instead turning to what he wants to avoid.

Yoshida said, “This is my personal opinion, but I don’t want them to include many machines, mecha/robots. I’d really like to see a Final Fantasy that’s a straight fantasy story.”

As deeply rooted in fantasy settings as the series may be most of the time, putting the fantasy back in Final Fantasy actually seems like a novel concept after the convertible road trip events of Final Fantasy XV.

We’ll have to wait to see if Yoshida takes the reins on a future entry and scraps all the heavy metal machinery we’ve come to expect from the series. For now, the next release is another big FFXIV expansion, Shadowbringers, which launches on PS4 and PC worldwide on July 2.

Source: Game Watch via SoraNews24