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Japanese Fans Rank Mobile Suit Gundam’s Sexiest Females

Japanese Fans Rank Mobile Suit Gundam’s Sexiest HeroinesFor a lot of Gundam fans I know, the mobile suits themselves are the sexy part, but anyway: ranking site Goo has asked fans to list Gundam’s sexiest females. And since the franchise stretches back all the way to 1979, there’s a fair amount of competition here. Let’s see who they picked.

10. Fumina Hoshino
Gundam Build Fighters Try

9. Cagalli Yula Athha
Gundam SEED

8. Aina Sahalin
The 08th MS Team

7. Rain Mikamura
G Gundam

6. Stellar Loussier
Gundam SEED Destiny

5. Four Murasame
Zeta Gundam

4. Lunamaria Hawke
Gundam SEED Destiny

3. Katejina Loos
Victory Gundam

2. Sayla Mass
Mobile Suit Gundam

1. Lacus Clyne
Gundam SEED

Well, well: four out of the top 10 come from SEED or SEED Destiny. Character designer Hisashi Hirai, give yourself a pat on the back.

Who are your favorite Gundam ladies?

Source: Goo

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