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Expelled from Paradise Staff Working on New Movie

expelled from paradise

Seiji Mizushima, the director of Expelled from Paradise (along with Fullmetal Alchemist and Mobile Suit Gundam 00) announced he’s back at work on another project. The project will also be a movie and development is already happening.

A number of people involved with Expelled from Paradise are working on this project, though it’s unclear if it’s part of the Expelled from Paradise franchise or something totally different. Toei Animation will be involved, along with writer Gen Urobuchi of Fate/Zero and character designer Masatsugu Saito.

Renji Oki, author of an Expelled from Paradise side-story novel, will be involved with background materials. Mizushima also shared an image when he made his announcement.

Source: ANN
Top image via original Expelled from Paradise anime (Netflix)


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