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Evangelion Watches Ensure That It’s Always EVA Time

evangelion watches

Today’s offerings may be far from the first Evangelion watches ever—check out these pendants for the previous—but anime timepieces are a surprisingly normal example of merchandise.  The latest come from Belgian fashion watch brand ICE-WATCH, which now has pre-orders live for five watches inspired by the anime’s EVA units.

Priced at ¥17,600 (about $166) a piece, the models take inspiration from Shinji Ikari’s Unit-01, Rei Ayanami’s Unit-00, Asuka Shikinami Langley’s Unit-02, Kaworu Nagisa’s Mark.6, and Mari Illustrious Makinami’s Unit-08. The watches feature camouflage patterns using the color schemes of each unit along with silhouettes of the pilot and the unit itself.

The aforementioned pre-orders are available via Premium Bandai, the official online store of Bandai. They’ll be up until September 13, with Evangelion watches set to ship in January 2021.

Here’s a closer look at the models:

evangelion watches


Unit-01 watch Unit-01 watch


Unit-00 watch Unit-00 watch


Unit-02 watch Unit-02 watch



What do you think? Would you sport any of these Evangelion watches? Do you think your average Neon Genesis fan would pick up on their distinct style from afar?

If you think the price is a little high for these EVA-themed timepieces, just remember that you could be spending way more on Evangelion merchandise. Just back in July, a Unit-01 statue was introduced for a staggering $30,000. Sure, it stands at around the height of your average human, but just imagine all the other stuff you could by for 30 grand! Whoever it is that ends up throwing down on that mighty statue, though, we have to salute them. If they can drop 30 large on a Unit-01 statue, they’ll have no problem buying every single one of these accessories.

Now, as for what else is going on in the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion, we’re still waiting on the fourth and final Rebuild film. It was supposed to hit theaters in Japan in June, but was delayed due to COVID-19, so hopefully we’ll get to see it soon!

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