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Dragon Quest Attraction Brings Adventure to Theme Park in Japan

dragon quest attraction

The world of one of the most celebrated RPG series of all time is coming to a Japanese theme park in the form of a new Dragon Quest attraction. The park in question is Nijigen no Mori, and the attraction is the fittingly and enticingly titled Dragon Quest Island: The Great Demon King Zoma and the Island of the Beginning.

The attraction will open in spring 2021, which also marks the 35th anniversary of Dragon Quest as a whole. Square Enix is working on planning and producing Dragon Quest Island, giving fans a chance to experience the world of DQ as they become protagonists in an original story. New monsters will make an appearance in an attraction that blends real and digital aspects, and there will be original food and merchandise available throughout.

Here’s the navigator of Dragon Quest Island—Homilot (Healslime)—who offers advice and help to participants as they embark upon their adventure.;

Via Crunchyroll