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Get Your Hands on a Silver Dragon Quest Chess Set… for $30,000

dragon quest chess set

The Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai TV anime is entering its second year, and U-Treasure is marking the occasion with a pricey Dragon Quest chess set. When we say pricey, we really mean it this time, because this high-quality silver set will be priced at a jaw-dropping ¥3.3 million, which adds up to around US$30,000.

The set features chess pieces modeled after the Hadlar Royal Guard, which protect one of the manga and anime’s main antagonists, Hadlar. Hym is a pawn, Sigma is a knight, Block is a rook, Fenbren is a bishop, and Albinass is the queen. The jewelers have added a black coating to one half of the expensive silver set to create opposing sides.

Pre-orders will open via U-Treasure early this November, and yes, if you have some spare cash to drop, international shipping will be supported. Check out a closer look at the set below.

Anyone have $30k lying around?

Via Siliconera