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Digimon Adventure 02 The Beginning Heads to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital This June

First Four Minutes of New Digimon Movie Streamed with Subs

On June 11, the movie Digimon Adventure 02 The Beginning will become available in a Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack, as well as becoming available digitally. This is through a deal between Toei Animation and Shout! Studios.

A press release from Shout! Studios explains:

The highly collectible Blu-ray™+ DVD edition of DIGIMON ADVENTURE 02: THE BEGINNING boasts exciting movie presentation (featuring both the English dub and the original Japanese audio with English subtitles), insightful bonus feature, and a limited edition Digimon Card Game – Digimon Liberator Promotion Pack, which includes a randomized wrapped card — 1 of 6 possible cards from the new Digimon Card Game deck commemorating the upcoming Digimon Liberator webcomic.

On top of that, if you pre-order it here, on the Shout! Studies website, they’re offering purchasers an exclusive 18″ X 24″ rolled movie poster. They only made so many of these posters, so when they run out, they run out.

Shout! Studios also shared this English-dubbed trailer.

Actors in the dub include Brian Donovan, Jeannie Tirado, Bryce Papenbrook, Tara Sands, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Derek Stephen Prince.

The movie was produced by Toei Animation, with Tomohisa Taguchi (Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna) helming the project as director. Akatsuki Yamatoya, who also worked on Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, as well as other parts of the Digimon franchise, came back to write the script for this newest Digimon movie. Shout! Studios gave this description of its plot:

It’s 2012, and ten years have passed since the adventure in the Digital World. Daisuke Motomiya is now twenty, and he and the rest of the DigiDestined seem to be changing bit by bit in terms of appearance and lifestyle. Then one day, a giant Digitama suddenly appears in the sky over Tokyo Tower. Daisuke and the others encounter a mysterious young man named Lui Ohwada, who informs them that he’s the first ever DigiDestined in the world…

Source: Press release


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