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Digimon Adventure 02 Anime Film Shows Off Updated Character Designs

digimon adventure 02

The upcoming Digimon Adventure 02 anime film is set to build upon 2020’s LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna feature, and the recent DigiFes 2022 event revealed some fresh details. The 02 DigiDestined have been aged up for the new updated character visuals, which now put them in their 20s, and a logo and official title were revealed along with a look at the “first person to partner with a Digimon.”

New voice cast members joining the returning Digimon Adventure tri. cast include Megumi Ogata (Shinji Ikari in Neon Genesis Evangelion) as Rui Owada:

And Rie Kugimiya (Happy in Fairy Tail) as Ukkomon:

In Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING, Daisuke meets Rei Owada, who descends from Tokyo Tower claiming to be the first person to partner with a Digimon. Tomohisa Taguchi is once again directing, with Akatsuki Yamatoya returning on script duties and Yumeta Company handling animation production for producer Toei Animation. 

Check out the updated character designs:

Via Crunchyroll News