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Dig Into Food Wars! The Second Plate Anime in a Premium Box Set

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The road to becoming a master chef is paved with intense trials, and no one knows that better than Yukihira Soma. Those trials are about to heat up to positively scorching highs in Food Wars! The Second Plate, which is on the way to Blu-ray and DVD in a Premium Box Set from Sentai Filmworks on February 13.

Now that the best of the best have made it through their first year at Tohtsuki Culinary Academy, it’s time to get serious. As amazing as it is that Soma made the cut, he now has to dive right into the next round of the Autumn Elections, which take cooking to an even more cutthroat level.

Will Soma be able to best the granddaughter of the Academy’s director in a bento showdown? And who else will rise to the top amongst the crafty chef candidates? It’s anything goes as Soma competes alongside the likes of Ryo, Megumi, Akira, Hisako, and others who would do anything to get their hands on that coveted gold medal.

food wars

Food Wars! The Second Plate offers up more anime excitement than ever, and the Premium Box Set is loaded with physical and digital extras. In addition to the full season, fans can look forward to a booklet, collectible plate, exclusive pin, art cards, and a bandana, so pre-order your copy today and get ready for a filling main course!

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