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Latte Artist Takes Otakudom to New Levels

A Japanese woman named Runa has taken latte art to a whole new level. She has more than 120,000 followers on Twitter (with the account @RunaPocket) where she shares her latest creations, including many otaku themed ones.

For example, take a look at how she created Slowpoke from Pokémon! It’s detailed and thick, and she even makes its stomach go boing boing with her spoon.


SoraNews24 translated some of the captivated responses on Twitter:

“Watching this is like animal-assisted therapy for me.”
“You’ve perfectly captured his chubby physique and dopey smile.”
“I want to pat his tummy too!”

But Slowpoke isn’t the only Pokémon she’s made, or even the only Pokémon whose belly she likes to poke. Look at this sleeping Pikachu she’s trying to wake up for battle:


And she’s just trying to get this Snorlax to wake up in general:


And here’s another take on Pikachu:


And here is yet another version of Pikachu:


Moving on from Pokémon, here is Anya from SPY X FAMILY:


And don’t forget Ranking of Kings!


Here you can see Boo from the Mario franchise . . . and see him morph!


Taking inspiration from One Piece, here’s a latte version of Tony Tony Chopper.


Kirby might not be pink, but this is still clearly the video game star.


Here’s a nod toward Princess Mononoke:


As Runa continues to put up her latte art, she encourages people to follow her on Twitter. And of course she does this encouragement in the form of more latte art!


RunaPocket also runs her own website, where she can see more of her work. Considering how many otaku interests there are out there, she won’t ever run low on inspirations!

What do you think of these creations? Would you request one of these from your local coffee shop if you could get it?

Source: SoraNews, RunaPocket


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