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Pokémon’s Misty, Jessie VA Rachael Lillis Is Battling Cancer, Has GoFundMe Page

Laurie Orr has started a GoFundMe page to help with medical care for her sister, veteran voice actress Rachael Lillis, who is battling cancer. Among Lillis’s numerous roles, she’s voiced Jessie and Misty in Pokémon, Utena Tenjou in Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Martina in Slayers Next.

Orr explains on the GoFundMe page that Lillis has been in a nursing home in L.A. since January, and what she really needs is personal care at home, like a home care nurse who can help with medications, making meals, and the like. Orr wrote:

(Unfortunately, Rachael can barely walk due to cancer that has spread to her spine.)
If you can send anything, she would surely appreciate this!
*Sincere, heartfelt thanks to so many that have given generously already!*

The campaign was established two days ago, and already more than a thousand people have donated, surpassing the $20,000 goal. As of this writing, $48,004 has been given, and donations are still accepted and welcome, as medical expenses can be quite high. People donating can also leave notes, and there are many messages thanking Lillis for her acting roles and how character she’s played have affected people’s lives.

Some of Lillis’s voice actor friends, including Eric Stuart, Dan Green and Tara Jayne Sands, have also been bringing attention to the GoFundMe page to help:

Yesterday Orr gave an update on the campaign, sharing her gratitude:

Wanted to express sincere thanks for your generous, loving support for Rachael! Thank you all, with much Love!

Besides the aforementioned titles, Lillis has also shared her voice talents in the anime Alien Nine, Berserk, Boogiepop Phantom, Boys Be…, Descendants of Darkness, Genshiken, Gravitation, His and Her Circumstances, The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and dozens of others.

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe campaign, here is the link.

Source: GoFundMe, ANN


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