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McDonald’s Japan Unveils Gundam Char Hamburgers

McDonald’s Japan Unveils Gundam Char HamburgersChar Aznable, Gundam’s Red Comet himself, is one of Japan’s most recognizable pop culture characters. And now he’s… hamburgers.

McDonald’s Japan just unveiled three limited-time hamburgers based on Char: Red Garlic Teriyaki, Spicy Double Cheese, and Newtype White Triple Cheese.

The burgers will be available at McDonald’s locations across Japan starting June 22.

Even if you’re not here to enjoy the burgs, you can chomp into the 30-second ad featuring Char saying ridiculous stuff like, “is this Amuro I sense? No, it’s a triple-cheese burger.” I’ve made the same mistake, man.

(Yes, that’s Shuchi Ikeda himself playing Char.)

Wouldn’t that be cool to go grab a Char burger at the drive-thru in a Char car?

Source: Otakomu

Matt Schley

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