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Chrono Crusade Added to Syfy’s Official Schedule

It may not exactly be the freshest of anime series, but it’s still nice to see something added to a lineup that could always use more animation from Japan.

The Syfy network, as shown in their official schedule, has added Chrono Crusade to their stable. The 2003 series—practically ancient by the fickle standards of the Internet—starts airing on February 22 at 11 p.m. EST.

Check out the full schedule, which lists “Pilot” and “The Covenant” as part of the back-to-back first episodes premiere, here. Note that it’s followed by Gurren Lagann, so it could make for a nice little block of weeknight anime viewing

Anyone here seen Chrono Crusade before? Whether you have or not, do you plan on checking it out on Syfy?

Source [Japanator]