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Another Iconic Arcade in Tokyo Will Be Shutting Down


It was big news when Sega announced it was closing one of its arcades. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there. The Silk Hat Ikebukuro arcade will be shuttering next month.

The arcade has been important enough to the area that you can even see a glimpse of it in the third season Durarara!! opening. Along with video games, it also supplied crane games, sticker picture booths and card games.

The arcade shared the news on Twitter.

SoraNews24 supplied a translation:

“Thank you always for your patronage.

We sincerely apologize, but Silk Hat Ikebukuro will be permanently closing on January 11.

The entire staff would like to express out heartfelt appreciation to all of our customers who have lovingly supported us for so long.”

SoraNews24 also translated some fan responses:

“The pandemic isn’t helping, but even before all this, arcades had been losing customers for a long time.”
“I went there all the time to play games when I was a student, and even as an adult, I always stop be when I’m in Ikebukuro. I’m so sad to hear about this. Thank you for all the good times.”

Source: SoraNews24


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