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This Season’s Anime Girls Who Could Destroy You

These anime girls could absolutely destroy you

The new winter anime season is full of new characters to love! We’re already finding favorite couples, best boys, best girls… and, notably, lots of anime girls who could probably destroy us in a fight.

From martial arts to magic to spycraft, these three heroines have what it takes to take out a foe. And in a couple of these cases, it goes to show that strength is where you least expect it.


Tomo Aizawa


Tomboyish anime girl Tomo Aizawa is a martial arts master. Besides being heir to her family’s karate style, she’s joined the boys’ karate club. And even then, she’s winning matches left and right. She strikes fear into the hearts of some, and admiration into the hearts of others.

That’s a major part of the conflict behind Tomo-chan Is a Girl!the high school rom-com based on a popular web manga. Tomo just wants her childhood friend Junichi to acknowledge she’s a girl. Well, not just that. She’s also got a major crush on him. But considering most of their close encounters end in fistfights, it may be a while before that relationship comes to fruition.


Princess Anisphia

Anisphia Wynn Palletia

We love isekai anime girls. And we especially love one who can cause major destruction. There’s a reason Anisphia, star of The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady, also gets called the Marauder Princess. Being born without the ability to use magic hasn’t slowed her down at all. If anything, Anis—once a girl from our world—works even harder to hone her magical skills. She dreams of flying, but she can do so much more.

When we first meet Anis, she’s soloing a terrifying monster encounter. Her family isn’t especially happy about this. But that bravery, combined with her positive attitude, may well change the world. Especially when coupled with the brilliance of Euphyllia, Anis’s ex-fiancee.




Looking for anime girls who could wreck you in combat? Look no further than Spy ClassroomThis new series features seven (allegedly) washed-up female spies training to take on an “Impossible Mission.” Training them is the World’s Greatest Spy, and leading their team is Lily, a.k.a. Flower Garden. She’s a bright, hopeful, happy young lady. So what’s so dangerous about her? Basically everything.

Without giving too much away, Lily has a certain special skill that puts her in a unique position. She’s a master of a particular bit of spycraft that makes her absolutely lethal. In the first episode alone, she combines this with her cheerful demeanor to spring a highly effective trap. How much better will she get with training? We’re a little scared to find out.

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