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These Winter Anime Endings Have Us Singing Along Every Week

These winter anime endings have us singing along every time!

This season of anime is full of great tunes we can’t get enough of. And we don’t just mean the openings! 2023 is kicking off with tons of great anime endings that have us sticking around through the credits every week. Some are upbeat, others are sentimental. Either way, we’ll never skip them.

Here are a few we really love. What about you? Which are your favorites?


“yurukuru * love”

We’ve got a soft spot for anime endings that feature performances from the cast. And Tomo-chan Is a Girl! fits the bill. This ending theme features our three lead girls—Tomo-chan herself in particular—singing about that little thing called love. It’s extremely in-character all throughout, with Misuzu Gundou and Carol Olston offering Tomo Aizawa their own brand of advice.

The series is all about Tomo trying to come to terms with her feelings for childhood friend Junichiro. The problem is, he doesn’t seem to recognize that she’s a girl, and not one of his guy-friends. Or… does he? The more we see of these two, the more we think things are a little more mutual than either of them realizes. Either way, this tune is a great ending to each hilarious episode.



TRUE performs this anime ending for Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari, and it gets us in the heart every time. This is partly to do with the beauty of the music itself. The song is gorgeous and nostalgic, and full of beautiful instrumentals. But this is one of those cases where the song and the animation come together into something more.

Throughout the ending, we see the friendly tsukumogami who share a home with Botan. And they appear to be preparing her for a wedding. This really drives home just how much of a family this group is: an essential theme in a series where the benevolence of these very spirits is regularly questioned. While protagonist Hyouma struggles to change his view of them, we end every week by seeing them as loving parents. Like we said… it gets us every time.



Let’s finish out this run-down of anime endings on a high note. HIGH CARD is a new series blending card games with magic and high action. There’s spycraft, mystery, and some really slick suits. Think Kingsmen, but instead of Arthurian knights, they’re themed to poker.

For this gang’s ending theme, they’re doing a little carpool karaoke. It’s a fun song paired with cute animation. The squad sings along in the best mood we’ve seen pretty much any of them (in spite of themselves). And we’re rocking right along with them as each episode wraps.

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