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Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari Season 2 Trailer Showcases Theme Songs

mononogatari season 2

A new trailer has arrived for the Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari season 2 anime, which was previously announced for a July 2023 premiere. In addition to announcing that Yoko Hikasa will voice the mysterious presence known as Karakasa, the trailer reveals and shows off Megatera Zero’s opening theme song “Dare ga Tame” and Azusa Tadokoro’s ending theme song “Private Room.” 

Crunchyroll currently streams the anime. Here’s how Seven Seas describes the original manga by Onigunso:

When spirits cross over into the human world, they can possess old objects and gain a physical form: a tsukumogami. Tsukumogami can be gentle, violent, or somewhere in-between, so the Saenome clan peacefully helps send them back to the spirit world to avoid destruction.

Kunato Hyouma is a member of the clan, but is…less than peaceful, since he holds a grudge from when a tsukumogami robbed him of something important. Afraid that Hyouma’s brash anger in dealing with these spirits will lead to supernatural catastrophes, Hyouma’s grandfather sends him to live in Kyoto with Nagatsuki Botan, an unusual young woman who actually lives with tsukumogami like family! Can Hyouma learn to control his emotions when dealing with tsukumogami, or is his own spirit doomed to be possessed with rage forever?

Via Anime News Network