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Winter Anime Openings We’ll Never Skip

The new Urusei Yatsura OP is on our list of can't-miss anime openings this season!

If you’re anything like us, you never skip anime openings. No matter how many times we see them, they’re a highlight of the viewing experience. Besides, some shows have absolute bangers… especially this season!

There are lots of great OPs in the winter 2023 lineup, so picking just a few is difficult. But these three themes rise to the top as we go through our weekly watchlist. Which ones always get your time?



Fans of historical fiction will get a kick out of Revengerabout a samurai team with very specific skill sets. Led by Yuen Usui and his massive Virgin Mary backpiece, this motley crew takes on dirty jobs of vengeance in exchange for one piece of gold coin with a bite mark. The deeper the bite, the bigger the vengeance required. Naturally, this show deserves the most rockin’ of anime openings.

Leading off each episode is “Downtimer” by RetBear, a unique music project led by Vocaloid producer Kairiki Bear. Each project features an unknown vocalist performing under a pseudonym—this time, it’s “O2.” We love how this song mixes classic chords and vocal flare with a heavy modern feel, mimicking the blended vibe of this series.


Ningen Fushin—”Glorious World”

Fantasy anime openings are some of our favorites in general, especially for shows about teams of adventurers. The best of them have a hopeful, uplifting feel. And for Ningen Fushin—a series about four disenchanted people learning to trust each other—that mood seems especially appropriate.

Voice actor Shun’ichi Toki appears in the series as Zem, a cleric falsely accused of a heinous crime. He also sings “Glorious World,” the show’s upbeat opening theme. It reminds us a lot of our favorite fantasy series from the late 1990s and early 2000s. It’s also a really hopeful look ahead for what could otherwise be perceived as a cynical series. We’ve got high hopes for Nick and his new friends as they set out to become heroes.


Urusei Yatsura—“Ai Wana Muchuu”

Urusei Yatsura—both old and new—has some of our favorite anime openings. The new season is no different, with MAISONdes returning for another great tune. The punnily-titled “Ai Wana Muchuu” (ai wana readable as either “Love Trap” or “I Wanna”) has that classic Urusei Yatsura feeling to it… perhaps even more than last season’s “Aiue.” And that’s really saying something.

The secret sauce for any UY opening is simple: you have to be able to feel Lum’s absolute adoration in every line. It doesn’t hurt if it makes you want to get up and dance. Both are true of this tune, and we’ll be looking forward to it every week this season.

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Kara Dennison

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