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Get These Anime Theme Artists on Your Next Spotify Wrapped

If your Spotify Wrapped lineup doesn't include Kessoku Band yet, it will by this time next year!

November is coming to an end. Tomorrow, the holiday season begins in earnest, and we make our way to the end of 2022. But this week, the Internet is focusing on one thing: their Spotify Wrapped results. The viral marketing campaign takes note of which performers and podcasts we played the most this year. We don’t know how your list looks this year… but we have some suggestions that will liven up 2023, and may just make the list this time next year.

And don’t worry—we’ve included links so you can dive right in and start listening right away!




If ReoNa isn’t on at least a few anime fans’ Spotify Wrapped lists already, we’ll be surprised. This singer/songwriter has performed themes for lots of series. You may know her best for her work on Sword Art Onlineand for being the vocalist for Gun Gale Online‘s Elza Kanzaki. But there are good odds you’ve heard her elsewhere, too. Happy Sugar Life features an ending theme by ReoNa, and Shadows House got tunes from her in both its seasons so far.

Most recently, she supplies the theme for the anime adaptation of mobile game Arknights. And we’re sure there’s plenty more to come from this talented singer. So if you’re not already following her, now is a good time to start!


Kenshi Yonezu

Kenshi Yonezu

Even if he hasn’t made your Spotify Wrapped list this year, Kenshi Yonezu is already leaving his mark on the anime world. First known as Vocaloid musician Hachi, he’s come into his own as a performer in recent years. And you’ve almost certainly heard “KICK BACK,” his awesome opening theme for this season’s Chainsaw Man. But that’s just one of his major titles.

Yonezu has performed themes for March Comes in Like a Lion and My Hero Academia. And he’s the performer behind “M87,” the theme of Hideaki Anno’s film Shin Ultraman. You’ll find these tunes and more on his artist profile, so it’s worth it to have a listen!


Kessoku Band

Kessoku Band

The in-series band from cute-girls-doing-cute-things series BOCCHI THE ROCK! is a bit new to make anyone’s Spotify Wrapped list this year. But if you give them a listen, we’re confident they’ll win your heart.

In the fiction of the series, the performers are four high school girls who both work part-time and play at a club called Starry. Newly added is Hitori Goto, nicknamed “Bocchi”—a talented guitarist with social anxiety. Thanks to the fictional band’s very real artist profile, you can enjoy their new tracks as they debut! Their music is a great listen even if you don’t watch the show… but we think you’ll like that, too.

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