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New Anime for Classic Fans: Winter 2023 Edition

Want to try a new anime, but vibe more with classic series? Take these for a spin!

Discovering new anime is always exciting. But when you cut your teeth on much older series, it can be difficult to find fresh series to enjoy. With so many shows coming out all the time, there’s just no time to dig through and find the things that will appeal to you specifically. If that’s the case, let us get you started.

Here are a handful of anime from the current winter season that we think will vibe with fellow old-schoolers. Of course, everyone’s taste is different. This is by no means a complete list, nor is everything a sure hit. But it will help you narrow down that very daunting field of simulcasts!


The Fire Hunter

The Fire Hunter

What’s Mamoru Oshii been up to lately? He’s got a new anime out this season! The Fire Hunter is a beautiful and unique series based on the novels of the same name by Rieko Hinata. It takes place in a distant future, after a calamity that has caused all humans to spontaneously combust in the presence of fire. Fortunately, there’s an alternate fuel source: the blood of Fire Fiends. It falls to Fire Hunters to gather this blood and fuel society.

Our heroine is Touko, a young villager who becomes responsible for the death of a Fire Hunter. With his dog Kanata now in her care, Touko is sent to the Capital to return his belongings. Between the worldbuilding, the story, and the beautiful art, this is one that will win over a lot of viewers.



High Card

This new anime from TMS Entertainment has a lot of retro vibes… and it feels a bit like Kingsmen, too. That is, if you replace all the Arthurian motifs with playing cards. Set on the England-esque island of Fourland, HIGH CARD follows the exploits of the title group. These “Players” wield magical X-Playing Cards, each of which grants them a singular unique power. Together, they attempt to gather all 52 cards for the king of Fourland, while masquerading as car dealer Pinochle.

With high action, slick visuals, and a classic vibe, HIGH CARD will do it for you if you’re a fan of TMS Entertainment’s vintage series.


Buddy Daddies

Buddy Daddies

This new anime is all the rage, and for good reasons. Buddy Daddies is a totally original anime projects from P.A.Works, with equal parts high-octane action and wholesome family ties. Odd-couple assassins Kazuki and Rei find themselves looking after Miri, a four-year-old whose father was their most recent target. Now, they balance their gritty work with parenthood.

The character-centric storytelling and unique tone are a great fit for old-school fans looking for a more focused series.

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Kara Dennison

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