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Idol Anime Coming Your Way This Winter

Get ready for this winter's crop of idol anime!

Need a dose of idol anime? How about three? Because there’s lots more coming in the winter anime season!

From android idols to teens with dreams to cute DJs, there’s a little bit of everything. You’ll also see some familiar names pop up, from your favorite composers to a returning media mix project. Which of these will you be watching next month?


D4DJ All Mix

D4DJ All Mix

Is a DJ anime an idol anime? It is when it’s D4DJ! The Bushiroad media mix project features quartets of performers who sing, dance, and DJ onstage. Their output includes original songs as well as popular anime, game, and pop covers. And they’re back with a new season of anime!

Titled D4DJ All Mix, the new season will center Lyrical Lily. This group of four private school girls has a sweet, acoustic sound. And while they’re not the newest to the project (at least not anymore), they will be making their anime-side debut. The new season kicks off January 8, but there’s plenty to watch on their YouTube channel ’til then!


Technoroid: Overmind

Technoroid: Overmind

Speaking of media mix projects, another idol anime is joining the fray. From the mind of Noriyasu Agematsu, who worked on Symphogear and BanG Dream!, comes Technoroid: Overmind. Our pop stars are androids… but they’re androids with heart. Kind of.

The Technoroid project takes place in a future where, for safety reasons, robots and androids do most of the work. That includes entertainment. Android idol groups fight their way up a towering entertainment complex for the amusement of others. But one certain group of four is also learning more about themselves as they go. With ELEMENTS GARDEN and RUCCA collaborating on the music, we can expect a fantastic soundtrack out of this one. The series premieres January 5.




Back in 2021, CloverWorks kicked off the UniteUp! project. Now, the YouTube channel is getting its own idol anime, filled with pop star boys to root for. In particular, we meet Akira: a teen who sings on a streaming site. One day he’s scouted by sMiLea Production and becomes part of Protostar, one of their new idol groups.

There are several other groups in the project. Look forward to cheering for the boys of Jaxx Jaxx, Legit, and AneLa, too! The series premieres January 7. Until then, check out the project’s official YouTube channel to get to know the characters and listen to their songs.

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