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X Japan’s Yoshiki Transforms into a Titan for Coffee Ad

X Japan’s Yoshiki Transforms into a Titan for Coffee AdWhat do you get when you combine Japanese rock star Yoshiki, Attack on Titan and canned coffee?

This commercial, that’s what.

In the ad, released today, Yoshiki (he of X Japan and charitable giving), transforms into a Titan, slams on a giant drum kit, and drinks a can of Wonda coffee.

This isn’t Yoshiki’s first turn in the Attack on Titan-verse: he also performed “Red Swan,” the fourth opening theme song for the series.

Wonda is set to release a series of 20 collectable Titan-themed cans. Fans can also join a raffle to win a one of 500 cans featuring Yoshiki as a member of the Survey Corps or as a Titan.

Other Japanese celebrities who have teamed up with Titan to promote something include Dewi Sukarno, who appeared in a strange Titan/Snickers ad last year.

Attack on Titan is set to return to screens with its fourth and final season this fall.

Source: ANN

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