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Attack on Titan and Dewi Sukarno Team Up for Bizarre Snickers Ad

Attack on Titan and Dewi Sukarno Team Up for Bizarre Snickers AdYou know those commercials for Snickers where when someone gets hungry, they transform into a famously grumpy celebrity?

Well, there’s a new one out, and it pits the heroes of Attack on Titan against one of Japan’s most larger-than-life TV personalities.

That personality is Dewi Sukarno, commonly referred to in Japan as Dewi Fujin, or “Lady Dewi,” thanks to her marriage to Sukarno, the late first president of Indonesia.

Dewi Sukarno has had a pretty fascinating life (seriously, just read her Wiki entry) but for the purposes of understanding the commercial, just note that she is known as an outspoken, larger-than-life public figure with a decent temper. There’s also a bit of a pun going on with Fujin and Kyojin, the Japanese word for Titan.

In the ad, a Titan modeled after Sukarno pops up behind Eren as Mikasa explains, “when Titans get hungry, they get angry like Dewi Fujin.” Eren then does what he must and jams two satisfying Snickers bars into the Titan’s mouth. If only it were that easy in the series!

Sukarno explained in the press release for the commercial that she “has loved Snickers since she was a kid” and said she was “surprised” by the face they’d created for her anime appearance.

Anybody hungry?

Source: Comic Natalie

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