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World Witches Take Off! Reveals Dub Cast and Crew

Episode one of the dubbed version of World Witches Take Off!, which is a spinoff of the Strike Witches series, becomes available on Funimation today. As per usual, Funimation took this time to officially announce the dub cast and crew.

Cherami Leigh plays Yoshika, Stephanie Sheh plays Barkhorn, Luci Christian plays Hartman, Anastasia Muñoz plays Minna, and Katie Caruso plays Michiko.

Turning to the crew, Jād Saxton is ADR Director, Tyson Rinehart and Samantha Herek are Assistant ADR Directors, Ricket Watkins is Lead ADR Engineer, Matt Grounds is Assistant ADR Engineer, Emily Neves is ADR Script Supervisor, Michelle Rojas is ADR Prep, and Andrew Tipps is Mix Engineer.

Source: Funimation


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