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World Trigger Author’s Sudden Illness Leads to One-Month Hiatus

world trigger authorWorld Trigger readers will need to wait a little longer for the next chapter of the series, because author Daisuke Ashihara has come down with a sudden illness. While no specifics have been divulged, the official Twitter account confirmed that the illness in question is not COVID-19 and that Ashihara is currently resting.

As a result, the series is going on hiatus for a month in the pages of Jump Square. The hiatus will begin in the March 2021 issue of the magazine—which hits stands in Japan on February 4—and the series will return when the April 2021 issue launches in early March.

The 23rd collected volume of World Trigger is still scheduled for a February 4 release in Japan.

Source: @W_Trigger_off via Crunchyroll