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World Cosplay Summit on For This Summer, Wants Best Cosplayers in World

It’s hard to say what will be happening in August thanks to COVID, but as of now the World Cosplay Summit is scheduled to be both a virtual and in-person event on August 7-8. The live part will take place in Nagoya. But for those who can’t or don’t feel safe going, there are other options.

“[World Cosplay Championship Video Division] will be a competition to determine the best cosplayers in the world, the grand champions in a contest of cosplay video entries filmed and edited by the representative cosplayers selected at each country and region, which will be judged at the stage of Oasis 21, in Nagoya, on the 7th (Saturday) and 8th (Sunday) of August 2021,” The World Cosplay Summit explained on their website. “This tournament will be streamed online.

“The representative cosplayers from all around the world will not be coming to Japan this year, but we request your kind understanding, as we are looking forward to the celebration of the regular event with the presence of the international representatives in Japan in 2022.”

Source: World Cosplay Summit


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