Otaku USA Magazine
WonderCon 2009

This past weekend was WonderCon in San Francisco, and in case you hadn’t heard, part of the Otaku USA crew made it down there to panel it up and, of course, spread the goodness of manga wherever we go.


Not every second of the weekend was anime/manga centric, since it’s mainly an American comics convention, with some videogames, and Japanese pop love thrown in for good measure, such as Bandai’s preview of their anime line-up this year (Lucky Star OVA to look forward to, among other things) and August Ragone‘s look at Japanese Superheros Now, featuring the complete first episode of the new Kamen Rider series, Decade.

Bekyoot had some kawaii goods on sale:




Fans got an early taste of RE5 at the Capcom booth:


And we snapped a pic of Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, The Guild) just because she’s gorgeous:

Among the many handfuls of robots in attendance, R2-D2 was the most common:


Now prepare yourself for a cosplay infusion. Props to those who can recognize all the characters. I think my favorite out of this batch is Travis Touchdown (from No More Heroes) just because, well, he’s Travis Touchdown:




Photography: Avery Wong