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Viz’s One Piece Manga Schedule Gets Major Boost

It’s as if my grousing about Viz’s somewhat sluggish release schedule for the One Piece graphic novels was finally read by the right person. Actually, it’s even better; this means more people are following the manga than I thought, and Viz is giving it the Naruto treatment by pushing out a slew of graphic novels in an effort to play catch-up with the Japanese releases.

From January to June 2010, Viz will be publishing volumes 24-53 of Eichiro Oda’s pirate saga. At about five per month, that puts the series on a rapid-fire track to where Japan is now, having just released volume 53 in March themselves.

At that point, they’ll begin publishing the latest chapters from Japan in Shonen Jump. Fans of the series can keep their peepers peeled at Viz’s new dedicated One Piece site, OnePiece.VIZ.com.

Source [Viz Media]