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Umamusume Tops Twitter Hashtags in Japan for 2021 So Far


The results are in for the top hashtags in Japan for the first half of 2021, and Umamusume: Pretty Derby is ahead of them all. The top 10 hashtags were revealed in celebration of yesterday’s Hashtag Day, and according to Twitter Japan its regional users tweeted over 140,000 hashtags over the course of around 12.6 billion tweets during that period.

Beyond Umamusume, a mix of anime and gaming made its way into the top 10. Here’s a breakdown of everything in the list, starting with Fate/Grand Order in the 10 spot and building up to Umamusume in the lead.

10. Fate/Grand Order
9. Monster Story
8. sixtones
6. JO1
5. Snow Man
4. Nintendo Switch
3. Genshin Impact
2. Lawson
1. Umamusume: Pretty Derby

In the case of the idol group Snow Man, the members were recently announced to be starring in the live-action Mr. Osomatsu movie.

Via Crunchyroll