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Kiniro Mosaic Thank You!! Anime Film Promo Takes Us on a School Trip

kiniro mosaic thank you!!

The latest anime feature for the Kiniro Mosaic series is Kiniro Mosaic Thank You!!, a movie that centers on a school trip Shinobu and the rest take to Nara and Kyoto. Based on the manga Yui Hara, the film is currently screening in Japan, and a new promo is here to pull more folks into theaters.

Munenori Nawa directed the Kiniro Mosaic Thank You!! anime film at production house Studio Gokumi / AXsiZ, and it opened in Japan on August 20.

Yen Press publishes the manga in English, and Sentai Filmworks releases the anime under the title KINMOZA!. Here’s how the latter describes it:

When Shinobu was in middle school, she studied in England. Shinobu has had warm feelings for everything English ever since. So when Shinobu learns that the daughter of her host family, Alice, is coming to study in Japan, she’s thrilled. But will Alice fit in with Shinobu’s friends? How will the arrival of Shinobu’s rival affect the potential culture clash? Every day is an adventure in diplomacy and self discovery as a group of girls learn new lessons about each other and themselves in KINMOZA!

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