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How Japanese Stores Are Turning to Unique Ways to Stop Scalpers

Otaku love getting great merchandise from their favorite franchises, but there is an issue of scalpers buying out rare items and then charging ridiculous prices to fans. Some stores in Japan are turning to unique ways to make sure the fans get their merchandise and the scalpers can’t get away with their schemes.

First up is the toy store Mickey, located in Nagoya. On Twitter they shared their new and elusive Gundam model along with their plans to foil scalpers.

Translated, the sign says:

“To purchasers of plastic models:

As a countermeasure against resellers, for certain Gundam models and other low-inventory items, at the time of purchase the staff will open the interior part pouches and cut away a portion of the plastic runners.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

These Gundam models are put together by the people who buy them, and the runners are the plastic that lie around the parts and keep them together. You need to cut them away anyway if you’re making the model, so cutting it a bit doesn’t hurt the product if it’s the product you want. But if you just want to scalp it, it’s going to be hard to ask for ridiculous prices when the merchandise has already been tampered with.

A store in the Yodobashi Camera chain had something of a similar idea when it came to protecting their Sword and Shield-Chilling Reign expansion pack. And they also shared this on Twitter:

“Notice regarding box purchases of Pokémon card game cards

In order to allow as many customers as possible to make purchase, we are implementing countermeasures against resellers. If you are purchasing a box of cards, the shrink wrap will be removed before you are given your purchase.”

What do you think of different ways to combat scalping?

Source: SoraNews24


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