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Two Hololive Virtual YouTubers Are Going on Hiatus

It was recently announced that hololive Virtual YouTuber Kiryu Coco was graduating (retiring), and now her fellow hololive YouTubers Akai Haato and Murasaki Shion have made announcements of their own.

Haato noted that she’ll be paying attention to Coco’s graduation event, and that she’ll be on an indefinite hiatus. She resisted saying why she was going on a hiatus, but expressed a desire to be back with fans soon.

The next day Murasaki Shion said that her physical and mental health require her to take a break. Coco’s graduation is also difficult for her emotionally. She’s also dealing with a sore throat and promised that, unlike Coco, she will not graduate, but will be back soon after she feels healthy again.

Source: ANN


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