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Anime Expo Lite Announces Panels for Studio Trigger, VTubers and More

Anime Expo Lite, which will take place virtually on July 3-4, has announced several new panels in addition to the recently revealed Star Wars: Visions panel.

One panel will be hosted by VTuber talent agency VShojo and star their VTubers Ironmouse, Projekt Melody, Nyanners, Silvervale, Zentreya, and Froot.

Another panel is titled “Doodle with Studio Trigger” and has Lead Designer Shigeto Koyama and Character Designer Sushio taking part. Both designers worked on Kill la Kill. It’s possible there will be teases of productions they’re currently working on.

Fans of the otome Ikémen Series apps can take part in the panel put on by its publisher, CYBIRD. The panel will include voice actor Yuki Ono and producer Hiroto Kuramasu. Voice actor Show Hayami, who plays Sariel Noir in CYBIRD’s Ikemen Prince, will be a special guest.

It costs $5 to attend.

Source: Press releases


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