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Figure and Hobby Store AmiAmi Coming to Anime Expo, Offering Prizes

There’s going to be a lot going on at Los Angeles’ Anime Expo 2024, and that includes a second visit from AmiAmi, which describes itself as “Japan’s largest online figure and hobby store.” But this time you don’t have to do online shopping. You can literally walk over to AmiAmi at Exhibit Hall booth 2135 and browse through its many offerings. It says it will have “a wide selection of its novelty anime goods and products,” specifically mentioning items from Cyberpunk 2077 as an example.

People who go to the booth can get a mascot Amico head mask without having to pay for anything. And with a little extra work, that mask might get you more free stuff. If people share an image of themselves wearing it on X (a.k.a. what the world knows as Twitter) and use the hashtags #amiamiAX2024 and #AX2024, they might be able to win prizes. This includes what the press release refers to as “highly sought after figures.” It mentions it will have high quality Azur Lane figures at the booth, though it doesn’t say if these are the figures in question.

People who can prove that they’re following @mimifm11 on X can get limited edition Mo Dao Zu Shi postcards.

Among the manufacturers and exhibitors there will be AmiAmi, AmiAmi x AMAKUNI, Gift, Vertex, ques Q, AliceGlint, AniGame, Myethos, and Snail Shell, as well as others.

Anime Expo takes place July 4-7.

AmiAmi gave this description of itself:

Opened in 1999, AmiAmi has grown to include two physical stores in Akihabara and one in Ikebukuro, delivering authentic anime products directly to otaku all around the world. By offering a wide variety of products numbering in the tens of thousands, we strive to create a world where people can connect and have fun through our products.

Source: Press release


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