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Trailer Drops For Komi Can’t Communicate Anime

The manga Komi Can’t Communicate, about an awkward high school girl trying to make 100 friends, is getting an anime adaptation. The anime will debut this October, and a trailer for it has been released.

Part of the cast and staff have also been revealed. Aoi Koga plays Komi, Gakuto Kajiwara plays Hitohito Tadano, and Rie Murakawa plays Najimi Osana. Ayumu Watanabe of Children of the Sea is helming the anime as chief director, and Beyblade Burst God storyboarder Kazuki Kawagoe is the regular director over at OLM. Deko Akao of Snow White with the Red Hair is doing series composition.

Komi Can’t Communicate started as a one-shot back in 2015, and began a series in 2016. VIZ Media gave this description:

“Timid Tadano is a total wallflower, and that’s just the way he likes it. But all that changes when he finds himself alone in a classroom on the first day of high school with the legendary Komi. He quickly realizes she isn’t aloof—she’s just super awkward. Now he’s made it his mission to help her on her quest to make 100 friends!”

Source: ANN

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