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Tokyo Arcade Breaks Records with 454 Crane Games

crane game

Do you like playing crane games to get a toy for yourself or your sweetheart? Then your next destination might be the brand-new Tokyo arcade called Taito Station Fuchi Kururu, which boasts an impressive 454 crane games. That’s so many that the business has already been given a Guinness World Record for having the most crane games in a single place. The venue tweeted a video of them receiving a prize, including when they’re told they’re “officially amazing.”


According to SoraNews24, while American crane game merchandise tend to be poorly made, in Japan crane games can offer well-built and rare items, including items you can only get through the crane game itself.

Strolling through the rows, you can see stuffed animals, tote bags and little figurines, including characters from manga/anime and from Disney. Some of the crane games only require 10 yen, which is about 9 cents for us!

Now, let’s just hope this particular Tokyo arcade doesn’t have these kinds of crane games.

Source: SoraNews24


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