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Three Game and Anime Musicals We Never Saw Coming

Fate/Grand Order - one of several anime musicals we didn't expect

Game and anime musicals are a pretty common thing. The concept of “2.5D stages” — special-effects shows based on your favorite series — has been around for a while, and given us a lot of popular and beloved projects. And then there are some we look at and, for one reason or another, weren’t expecting at all. Even in a world where there are multiple Yowamushi Pedal stage shows.

Here are a few musicals we’re surprised, but also delighted, to see. Which of these would you go to?


Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star

When you think of Kenshiro and his brutal, post-apocalyptic action, musicals aren’t really the first thing you think of. But they should be… because Fist of the North Star actually has two anime musicals! The first came out in 2017, and revolved around the thugs of the Raoh army. But this time, it’s all Kenshiro.

Our star is Yusuke Onuki, a talented fighter and dancer who starred in the live-action Millionaire Detective remake. How will he do as the Man with the Seven Scars? Audiences will find out in December.


Fate/Grand Order THE STAGE

Fate/Grand Order - Replica;Agateram

In fairness, we should have expected this one. Fate/Grand Order has conquered nearly every medium, so anime musicals had to be in there somewhere. As it happens, the flashy time-traveling series became a special-effects spectacular more than once. Both the Camelot and Babylonia arcs got adaptations, as well as Solomon’s Temple.

One of the coolest things about the stage shows? You can pick a male or female protagonist! Two actors play Ritsuka Fujimaru on alternating nights, so you can see either Gudao or Gudako leading humanity’s Servants through the story. Considering the main anime series defaults to boy-type Ritsuka, it’s one of the few places we get to see girl-type in action. (Unless you’re watching Fate/Grand Carnival, of course.


Puyo Puyo on Stage

Puyo Puyo

You heard me.

The cute puzzle game got its own stage show in 2015, celebrating the game series’s 24th anniversary. It may not be as flashy as the anime musicals on this list, but it’s still adorable. And yes, there is a Puyo Puyo match onstage at one point.

The story follows the games’ stars as they search for the White Puyo, which legend says can grant its finder any wish. Of course, the real White Puyo is the friends we made along the way. But there’s still plenty of music, dancing, gaming, and silliness in the interim.

What other game and anime musicals have surprised you just by existing?

Kara Dennison

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