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Three April Fools’ Anime Crossovers We’d Like to See Happen for Real

PUI PUI MOLCAR and JUJUTSU KAISEN made it happen... let's have these anime crossovers next!

Unlikely (or likely) anime crossovers are a favorite April Fools’ Day prank. And sometimes, they come true! Take the upcoming JUJUTSU KAISENPUI PUI Molcar goods collab. Originally a silly tweet, it’s now — or soon to be — a reality.

So if we can have that, why not these? Here are a few of our favorites from April Fools’ Days past.


A Place Further Than the Universe Laid-Back Camp

Laid-Back Camp goes to Antarctica

We love our shows about girls having unusual hobbies and being super chill about it. For example, camp-’em-up Laid-Back Camp and Antarctic adventure A Place Further Than the Universe. Back in 2019, the two shows did what all the good newspaper comics do and switched things up. The result? A Place Further Than Yamanashi and Laid-Back Antarctica. It was just a pair of drawings, but it was a pair of fun drawings.

The two shows have a lot in common: love for the outdoors, adventurous teens, friendship, and cute animals. We’d love to see the two casts switch things up and go on parallel adventures. Sadly, it’s probably never to be. But at least we get the art.


Thunderbolt Fantasy Touken Ranbu

Thunderbolt Fantasy meets Touken Ranbu

Some anime crossovers are just meant to be. So when puppet wuxia epic Thunderbolt Fantasy and sword boy media mix project Touken Ranbu teamed up for an April Fools’ prank, it just… felt right. And that’s even before taking into consideration the absolutely gorgeous puppets made for what was ultimately a gag. This has happened more than once, too. Don’t waste a fab puppet, I guess.

We’ve had a few minutes of this team-up tops. And frankly, we want to see much more than a few minutes. But we get the feeling we may only ever see this crossover as a seasonal joke. It’s something, at least.


My Hero Academia x Baseball

Hero League Baseball

We know this is meant to be anime crossovers specifically, but this was too good to pass up. Besides, anime series team up with baseball all the time. Seeing a sports anime spinoff starring all our favorite supers would feel weirdly right.

Even though this one isn’t actually happening as an anime, we’re hoping — like PUI PUI Molcar and JUJUTSU KAISEN — it might at least get some merch. The Pacific League has teamed up with series like Demon Slayer in the past. This one’s practically waiting to happen. Keep your fingers crossed.

Here are a few ways to tell what’s anime news and what’s an April Fools’ joke… at least until the jokes come true.

Kara Dennison

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