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JUJUTSU KAISEN Collabs with CASETiFY for Cool Cursed Smartphone Goods


CASETiFY continues to bring anime-themed Co-Labs to the table! From One Piece to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, each new launch lets fans deck out their daily carry with imagery from their favorite series. For their latest release, the smartphone accessory brand is journeying back to the world of JUJUTSU KAISEN!

This second collaboration includes all sorts of cool, unique goods to curse your electronics. (In the good way, of course.) Have a look!


Smart Cases

Matching phone cases for you and your bestie

As the name might imply, CASETiFY specializes in smartphone cases. Their latest JUJUTSU KAISEN models include exclusive designs featuring imagery and character from the series. At the forefront are cool mirror cases etched with city maps and emblazoned with character art.

There are also chain designs, “sticker” mirror cases, and black cases sprinkled with series imagery. Whatever sort of smartphone you favor, you’re almost certain to find the model you need.


A Vast Array

JUJUTSU KAISEN phone goods

Better still, you can give all your electronics a JUJUTSU KAISEN makeover! Smartphone bands, laptop and tablet covers, and more are also part of the collection. There are even stands (charging and otherwise), AirPod cases, smart watch bands, and power banks.

Most of these items come in designs that match or complement the cases in the collection. And even if you can’t afford some of the bigger-ticket items, there are more affordable goods to show your love for the series. Grip stands featuring your favorite characters are priced at about $38, and add a flash of personality (and functionality) to your phone.


Something Special

Prison Realm AirPod case

Got a little extra cash and want to something extra cool? Trap your AirPods in a Prison Realm! This prop comes with a stand and holds a matching AirPod charger case. So you’ll always know where they are and have a cool prop to show off, and have them ready and charged for when it’s time to go!

Also in this collection is a Sukuna’s Cursed Finger Apple Pencil case. The finger slides right over your stylus, appearing to rest on top of it when attached. Both the Prison Realm and the Cursed Finger, like previous special items in CASETiFY Co-Labs, are likely to go fast. So grab yours while you can!

The CASETiFY x JUJUTSU KAISEN Co-Lab is now underway. Check out the online store to shop for JJK goods, or to have a look at their other anime-centric Co-Labs!

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