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One Piece and CASETiFY Reunite for GEAR5-Inspired Goods

One Piece and CASETiFY are reunited for GEAR5 goods!

Whether you’re an avid One Piece enjoyer or just a casual observer, you can’t deny: Gear 5 looks super cool. Luffy’s long-awaited awakened form isn’t just a power upgrade—it’s aesthetically awesome. And if you want to carry some of that sun god goodness with you wherever you go, you can! Because CASETiFY is collaborating once again with the long-running anime to bring fans their new GEAR5 goods.

Take a look, and be among the first to grab items from this limited run of phone accessories!


Anime x Smartphones

GEAR5 Luffy on new CASETiFY cover

CASETiFY, makers of cool and protective smartphone cases and gear, are no stranger to the world of anime. In addition to multiple One Piece goods, they’ve also hosted Co-Labs with other popular titles. Regular Otaku USA readers may remember how they shook up Shinjuku for their Evangelion launch. Or maybe you caught their Chainsaw Man Co-Lab. These are just two of the collaborations they’ve hosted with series we love, and we’re sure there are many more to come.

The company’s cases and other accessories are durable and useful, but also just plain cool. Their designs resonate for fans while also being simply stylish. Regular designs like mirrored “sticker” cases, poker cards, and collected motifs bring some anime fun to your daily carry.


Old Friends

GEAR5 black and gold scar motif

One Piece and CASETiFY have an impressive history together, with multiple Co-Labs under their mutual belts. You may remember previous collaborations with cool limited-edition goods. The Golden Transponder Snail airpod case sold out lightning quick on launch, and its film designs were just as popular. So if you missed out before, you’re in luck!

While there’s no telling how long the anime and the phone accessory maker will go on collaborating, this particular drop is marked as a limited run. That means you have time, but you still might want to jump on this while you can. And if you want to be among the first to grab their new Co-Labs when they go live, be sure to download their app!



All the One Piece Gear 5 x CASETiFY designs

So what’s available in the newest One Piece Co-Lab? This limited drop features three designs. One is a callback to their ever-popular poker card design, featuring Gear 5 Luffy and Kaido. There’s also a cheerful Luffy emulating Sun God Nika, and a new version of their “motif” case sprinkled with text and designs from the series. All three adopted a black, white, and gold color scheme reminiscent of Luffy’s new look.

The new collection also offers grip stands and power banks in matching and complementary designs, so you can outfit your phone in full GEAR5 style. Check out the Co-Lab page for a full list of items, as well as a selection of previous One Piece goods for your phone!

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