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Chainsaw Man Is the Latest Anime to Get a CASETiFY Co-Lab

Pochita goods

We already know that CASETiFY loves anime fans. They shook up Shinjuku for an Evangelion Co-Lab, and there are plenty of other past collabs with anime and manga flair. Later this month, they’re going to be teaming up with Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man… and we’ve got a first look at the goods available!

Whether you’re loyal to Makima, adore Power, or just need some Pochita cuteness on hand, this new Co-Lab will deliver. Take a look!


Character Choices

Chainsaw Man character cases

The first arc of Chainsaw Man introduces us to the many faces of Division 4. Led by the compelling Makima, this team makes contracts with devils in order to fight devils. These otherworldly beings take their names from human fears like guns, bats, spiders, and even falling. The stronger the fear, the stronger the devil. Fortunately, through Denji and his cute buddy Pochita, Division 4 has the power of the Chainsaw Devil on their side.

Among the many cases available are character portraits. Sport Denji, Makima, Power, Aki, or Kobeni on our phone. Each has their own unique design!


Chainsaw Carry

CASETiFY x Chainsaw Man

While CASETiFY specializes in phone cases (it’s in the name), the Chainsaw Man line has your entire daily carry covered. Magsafe wallets, smartwatch straps, tablet and laptop covers, and more are all included in the line. In addition to character-centric designs, there are also show references and mirrored “sticker” cases.

Plus, you can keep everything you need charged and ready to go. Wireless chargers and airpod cases are also on offer in multiple designs. So you can pick your character or style and make everything match!


Pochita Power

Denji case and Pochita airpod holder

Of course, the best boy of Chainsaw Man will always be Pochita. And he’s the star of this new merch drop! In addition to everything above, there will be a special-edition Pochita airpod case. This sweet chainsaw boy will stay by your side, ready to help when it’s time to listen to your favorite music or podcast.

The new Co-Lab is just a few days away! If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on these goods, visit the CASETiFY website and get on their priority list. Priority customers will have an exclusive four-hour window in which to grab their goods. After that, sales go live worldwide. Everything goes on sale August 22, so keep an eye out!

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