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These Vocaloid Figures Are So Bad the Company Had to Apologize

vocaloid figures

Not everything ends up looking as promised or advertised, but a new pair of Vocaloid figures—based on popular virtual idols IA and ONE—take the cake. Priced at ¥35,000 (about $327) each, the figures aren’t cheap, and the final product turned out to be so disappointing and shoddy that the company behind it all ended up apologizing.

You can see the concept art above. Looks pretty good, right? Here’s what the figures ended up looking like, via @passuro_kasu:

Some more examples:

1st Place is the company responsible for these… things. Their formal apology ensures something like this will never happen again, and that they will only aim for the highest quality products in the future. Full refunds are being offered for those disappointed with the figures.

Via Kotaku