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These New School Anime Star Charming Odd Couples

These school anime star surprising odd couples!

Amid all the otherworldly fantasy of this (and every) season, it’s nice to see something a little more down-to-earth sometimes. Fortunately, we’ll never run out of school anime for a slice of the more familiar. This season, there are several series set at schools of all types. And at many of them, you’ll find odd duos learning how to get along… with each other and the school at large.

Here’s a trio of “odd couple” anime that take place primarily in the classroom. If you need to feel a little more grounded for a change, why not start one up?


Skip and Loafer

Skip and Loafer

We’ve talked about this particular school anime before, but we are in no way done. Skip and Loafer is a charming rom-com about two students approaching high school in very different ways. Mitsumi hails form the countryside but is extremely success-driven. She has her plans in place and a whole lot of anxiety when she comes to Tokyo for high school. Sousuke, meanwhile, is surprisingly laid-back. And he’s taken a liking to Mitsumi.

The pair balance each other out, and their influence extends to other fellow students. Despite embarrassing moments, misunderstanding, and teen awkwardness, they find moments of genuine joy. It’s a sweet series with adorable romantic undertones.


The Dangers in My Heart

The Dangers in My Heart

From cute to creepy… this school anime has more murderous undertones. The Dangers in My Heart focuses on Kyotaro, a loner student who fantasizes about murdering his classmates. His #1 target is Anna, a strangely carefree girl who intrudes on his solitude. While other students suss out Kyotaro’s creepiness, Anna seems blissfully unaware. In fact, she’s blissfully unaware of a lot of things.

Her weirdness slowly becomes endearing to Kyotaro. Eventually, without realizing it, he’s hanging out with her of his own volition. Weirder still, he’s starting to like her. Will this strange girl’s attitude calm, well, the dangers in his heart?


My Clueless First Friend

My Clueless First Friend

In this school anime, we have another alleged creepy student. But Akane Nishimura has no murderous intent in My Clueless First Friend. She’s just teased relentlessly for her appearance. Other classmates nickname her the Grim Reaper… but there’s at least one person who thinks that’s super cool.

Enter Taiyou Takada, a sunny boy who thinks being cursed by the Grim Reaper would be awesome. No matter how much he attracts the mockery of Nishimura’s bullies, he smiles on. Heck, he thinks it’s all awesome. Fortunately, this transfer student brings some much-needed brightness to his classmate’s life.

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