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These Spring Anime Couples Met Under Bizarre Circumstances

This season's anime couples have some unusual backstories!

Love is in the air again this spring, with lots of new anime couples to get to know. But we can’t help but notice that some of them have some very odd first meetings. Not so much coffee shop run-ins as human sacrifice and political intrigue. And video games.

Join us in meeting these three sets of lovebirds and exploring their unusual first dates. Some met each other from worlds away, while others met online. We’ll start with the least outlandish of these meet-cutes…


Yamada and Akane: Awkward Online Interactions

Yamada and Akane

My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 is a thoroughly modern story of romance, revenge, and MMOs. Because even the most down-to-earth of anime couples likes a little escapism. Akane got into a popular online game because of her gamer boyfriend, who went on to dump her for someone else he met in-game. After an awkward encounter with guild mate Yamada, Akane goes to a live meet-up for fans… only to discover both Yamada and her ex there. Not that she realizes at first, of course.

As it happens, Yamada is a pro gamer. He’s also sort of antisocial and not sure what to do about girls. Before long, she finds herself having feelings for her standoffish guild mate. But finding out how he feels about her (if he feels anything at all) is the toughest quest of all.


Raeliana and Noah: Blackmail

Noah and Raeliana

One whole episode in, the question posed by the title of Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion is answered. This poshest of anime couples met up for one reason: blackmail. Well, blackmail for isekai protection purposes.

You see, Raeliana isn’t actually Raeliana: she’s a fan of the book Beatrice, the events of which get rolling because of Raeliana’s death. Said otherworldly fan was reincarnated into this pivotal bit role, but she has no intention of dying. Thanks to her knowledge of the book, she knows where to turn for help: Noah Wynknight, a duke with a great deal of political pull. While this may be a fake engagement of convenience, feelings do eventually arise…


Sariphi and Leonhart: Human Sacrifice

Leonheart and Sariphi

Imagine finding out you’re adopted… and that you’d been adopted so your family would have a spare to send out in case they were called on to procure a human sacrifice. That’s the position Sariphi finds herself in before the events of Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts. Her name even means “sacrifice” in the old language. For this reason, she’s pretty dedicated to her fate. But when the big day comes, she learns a huge secret about the King of Beasts. And rather than being killed, she becomes his queen.

Together with Leonhart, Sariphi will learn more about the political relations between humans and beasts. And, like it or not, his subjects will have to respect her. Meanwhile, she provides emotional support for this surprisingly gentle monarch.

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