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What Does It Take to Be the Biggest Detective Conan Fan in the World?

detective conan

How does one gauge any particular level of fandom? Does it come down to how much you engage with a particular piece of media, or is it all about collecting, cosplaying, and generally showing your love with the purchase of physical goods? If Twitter user @katamari_c is anything to go by, the answer is all of the above when it comes to Detective Conan.

Katamari has been a fan of Gosho Aoyama‘s series for 24 years, and her fandom is notable enough to land her on Japanese TV. She even got married on Aoyama’s birthday, June 21, and ran a marathon dressed as her favorite pint-sized detective.

Here she is being interviewed about Conan on TV:

And running a marathon:

detective conan

Even her marriage registration form was Conan-themed:

Katamari’s collection is something else. Here’s a look at some of it, as shared on Twitter:

Is there anything you’re a fan of that could come close to her love for all things Detective Conan?

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